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Village Table Nutrition Curriculum

Lesson 7: Foods that help me grow: MyPlate

Lesson 7 of the Village Table nutrition curriculum introduces the children to MyPlate. They will learn the importance of eating all 5 five groups and use the MyPlate guidelines to build healthy plates.

This package contains:

  • Recommended book and materials list
  • Lesson overview:
    • Background information for teachers
    • Lesson objectives
    • Circle time discussion points and questions
    • Follow-up lesson questions
  • Circle time cards – 5 discussion picture cards with real-life images that will help teachers discuss key lesson objectives with students
  • Activity song (lyrics are sung to a popular tune) – MyPlate Hokey Pokey
  • Activity 1: My Own MyPlate
    • Individual Activity
    • Activity instructions, printable, and food image sheets for activity
  • Activity 2: The Missing Food Group
    • Group Activity
    • Activity instructions and food image for activity
  • Activity 3: Food Group Chain
    • Individual Activity
    • Activity Instructions and printable
  • Activity 4: MyPlate BINGO
    • Individual/Group Activity
    • Activity Instructions, BINGO cards, and BINGO sheets
  • Movement Activity: Food Group Challenge
    • Group Activity
    • Activity Instructions
  • Movement Activity: Hidden Puzzles
    • Group Activity
    • Activity Instructions and activity images
  • Family Take-Home Sheet

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