Village Table

Lesson 9

Where Does My Food Come From?


Discovering where our food comes from is an important part of nutrition education. Understanding how food goes from farm to table has been shown to have a positive impact on preschooler understanding of food and willingness to try fruits and vegetables.

Learning Objectives

  1. Most of the foods we eat comes from farms.
  2. Vegetables, fruits, grains, and some protein foods come from plants. They must be planted, harvested, and taken to stores for us to buy them.
  3. Dairy and some protein foods come from animals. Farmers care for the animals that give us these foods.
  4. Fish and other seafood come from lakes and oceans.

This lesson includes:

  • Recommended book and materials list
  • Lesson overview:
    • Background information for teachers
    • Lesson objectives
    • Circle time discussion points and questions
    • Follow-up lesson questions
  • Circle time cards – 5 discussion picture cards with real-life images that will help teachers discuss key lesson objectives with students
  • Activity song (lyrics are sung to a popular tune) – Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley Grow
  • Three group activities with book recommendations and necessary printables.
    • Exploring the Seeds We Eat
    • Homemade Ice Cream
    • Grow, Raise, Catch
  • One individual activity with book recommendation and necessary printables
    • Planting seeds
  • Two movement activities
    • Egg Race
    • Nature Hike
  • Family Take-Home Sheet
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