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Professional Development Courses

Village Tables offers nutrition focused professional development for early childhood educators. All programs are developed by properly credentialed authors, include an evaluation, and provide a completion certificate for record keeping.

Live Webinars

Village Table live webinars provide participants with an interactive and engaging learning experience.

Attendees are provided lessons through a web-hosted live lecture format, responsive activities throughout the course, a Q&A session with the trainer at the end of each webinar, and a completion certificate.

On-Demand Courses

On-Demand training courses are digital and self-paced, enabling staff to complete training hours as their schedule allows.

Three different types of training courses are offered through our program: individual, group, and administrator.

Individual training courses are a great low cost way to train your staff on topics that specifically interest them. These web based courses are easy to use and can be completed in multiple sittings, making it convenient for busy educators!

Courses include fully narrated videos that are easy to follow along with. Short 2-3 question assessments are conducted after each section and a final 15 question assessment must be completed at the end of the course to receive a course completion certificate. Once purchased, students have access to each course for up to a year after the purchase date.

Early childhood educator group trainings are a great option for schools with larger staff needs! Group trainings offer school directors and administrators a way to train their staff efficiently and cost effectively. Course content is similar to the individual trainings, but group discussions and activities have been added. These discussions and activities will be facilitated by directors and/or other leaders within the school.

Much like the individual trainings, these courses include fully narrated videos that school staff will watch together on one screen. After each section, discussion questions are presented to engage staff members in considering problems and solutions at hand. A post assessment is available at the end of the course to gage how much your staff learned.

Course costs cover any number of attendees and can be used for up to a year after the purchase date, allowing schools to train in both large or small groups and new hires can complete the course at a later date.

Administrator training courses are designed for directors and other individuals in leadership positions within early childhood education centers.

Some courses are similar to staff training courses with additional information that is pertinent to school administrators. Others are specific to leaders requiring training in areas outside the typical educator.

Please contact with any questions regarding our professional development for early childhood educators.