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Easy Weeknight Italian Meatballs

Hello Villagers, I love cooking meatballs and my kids love to eat them. They are fantastic in soups, stews, pastas, or by themselves with a little dipping sauce. Frozen meatballs used to be my go-to because of...

Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal

Hello Villagers. Fall is a time for all things cinnamon in my household. This amazing apple cinnamon baked oatmeal is hearty, healthy, and makes my house smell like the holidays. I love oatmeal, but have a...

Ways to get your kids to eat more fruit and vegetables

Hello Villagers. Getting picky little eaters to meet their daily requirements for fruits and vegetables can sometimes be tricky. Neither forcing nor rewarding benefit children in the long run when it comes to...

Feeding Your Family

Nutrition in the News