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Lesson 8

Being Physically Active


Physical activity is a very important part of being healthy. Preschoolers need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day. It is important for child care centers  and teachers to incorporate healthy, active play into the daily lives of our little ones.

Learning Objectives

  1. We need to be active every day to grow and be strong.
  2. Being active can include playing a sport, playing on the playground with friends, riding a bike, playing with parents and siblings, and so much more!

This lesson includes:

  • Recommended book and materials list
  • Lesson overview:

    • Background information for teachers
    • Lesson objectives
    • Circle time discussion points and questions
    • Follow-up lesson questions
  • Circle time cards – 5 discussion picture cards with real-life images that will help teachers discuss key lesson objectives with students
  • Activity song (lyrics are sung to a popular tune) – This is the Way I Exercise
  • Activity 1: How Can I Be Active?

    • Group Activity
    • Activity instructions and discussion picture cards
  • Movement Activity: Going on a Bear Hunt

    • Group Activity
    • Activity instructions
  • Movement Activity: Walking a Tight Rope

    • Group Activity
    • Activity Instructions
  • Movement Activity: Activity Cube

    • Individual/Group Activity
    • Activity Instructions
  • Movement Activity: Class “Marathon”

    • Group Activity
    • Activity Instructions
  • Movement Activity: Tissue Dance Party

    • Group Activity
    • Activity Instructions
  • Family Take-Home Sheet
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