Village Table

Full 10-Lesson Nutrition Curriculum




The Village Table nutrition curriculum is designed for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten aged children. Positive food messages are used throughout our 10 lessons to teach healthy lifestyle and eating habits. The primary focus is nutrition and healthy foods, however, we touch on physical activity, sleep habits, and food origins as well.  A variety of individual and group activities are incorporated to engage all types of learners.

Village Table Lessons

Each lesson contains circle time discussion cards, a themed song (sung to the tune of a popular kids song), four activities that are a mix of group or individual hands-on and craft activities, and two movement activities. Depending on the amount of time available, lessons can be completed in one day by picking and choosing activities to complete, or the lesson can be completed throughout the week by repeating the circle time discussion and song, then selecting a different activity each day. The primary objective of each lesson can be effectively met either way.

Village Table Activities

In effort to reduce cost, activities were developed with classroom materials in mind. On some occasions, special items may be recommended but can often be substituted with traditional classroom materials or materials provided through the curriculum, such as food images.

Talking points are included in each activity and circle time discussion.  Circle time discussions also include visual cards to increase understanding of learning objectives. The Village Table activities incorporate math, science, language, reading, fine motor, and gross motor skills development. We support learning through play and exploration. All craft, hands-on, and circle time activities include an optional book. These books are recommended to foster a love of reading and enhance the lesson, but are not required. All lesson objectives can be met through circle time discussions, use of talking points, and completion of activities.

This download includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: What does it mean to be healthy?
  • Lesson 2: Foods that help me grow: Vegetables
  • Lesson 3: Foods that help me grow: Fruit
  • Lesson 4: Foods that help me grow: Grains
  • Lesson 5: Foods that help me grow: Protein
  • Lesson 6: Foods that help me grow: Dairy
  • Lesson 7: Foods that help me grow: MyPlate
  • Lesson 8: Being Physically Active
  • Lesson 9: Where does my food come from?
  • Lesson 10: How can I be healthy?

This download includes the following for each lesson:

  • Recommended book and materials list
  • Background information
  • Lesson objectives and overview
  • All lesson activity instructions and associated printables
  • Circle time discussion picture cards
  • Activity discussion picture cards (where appropriate)

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