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Village Table Nutrition Curriculum

Lesson 4: Foods that help me grow: Grains

Lesson 4 of the Village Table nutrition curriculum exposes the children to grains. They will learn about similarities, differences, and explore characteristics of the different grains needed to help them grow. They will learn how we process and prepare grains to create foods that we can eat. We use real images to increase exposure, which has been shown to increase familiarity and the likelihood that children will consume them.

This package contains:

  • Recommended book and materials list
  • Lesson overview:
    • Background information for teachers
    • Lesson objectives
    • Circle time discussion points and questions
    • Follow-up lesson questions
  • Circle time cards – 5 discussion picture cards with real-life images that will help teachers discuss key lesson objectives with students
  • Activity song (lyrics are sung to a popular tune) – Five Popcorn Kernels
  • Activity 1: Wheat Exploration
    • Group Activity
    • Activity instruction and activity picture cards
  • Activity 2: Bread in a Bag
    • Group Activity
    • Activity instructions
  • Activity 3: Edible Oat Necklaces
    • Individual Activity
    • Activity Instructions
  • Activity 4: Shape Treasure Hunt
    • Individual Activity
    • Activity Instructions
  • Movement Activity: Popping Corn
    • Group Activity
    • Activity Instructions
  • Movement Activity: Circle of Grains
    • Group Activity
    • Activity Instructions and activity image cards
  • Family Take-Home Sheet

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