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At Village Table we understand that restaurant meals are a regular part of the typical family’s dining habits. Therefore, restaurants play a big part in the development of healthy eating habits of children. The restaurant industry can help families establish nutritious eating habits by offering wholesome menu items for consumers.

Village Table offers a variety of services to help restaurants inform consumers.

Nutrient Analysis

Currently, the FDA requires that companies with 20 or more restaurants operating under the same name must provide calorie information on the menu, with additional nutrient information available upon request. A large percentage of the American population is in support of this decision and consumers have begun to expect the availability of nutrition information at all restaurants, even those that are not required.

Village Table can help your restaurant meet consumer demands through our affordable, quality, database nutrient analysis.

Allergen Identification

Village Table can help you maintain transparency and prevent adverse events with consumers by identifying the top 8 food allergens present in your menu items.

Development of Healthy Menu Items

Each year, 45 million Americans will go on a diet, but dining out doesn’t have to be off the menu. Village Table can help you identify healthy menu options or alter current recipes to make them better for consumers.

We provide a simple, free estimate to determine if Village Table is the right fit for you.

Education Community

Founder & CEO, Dr. Jessica Barnes, is available for speaking and educational engagements. Please contact for more information.

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