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Administrator Training Courses

Administrator training courses are designed for directors and other individuals in leadership positions within early childhood education centers. Some courses are similar to staff training courses with additional information that is pertinent to school administrators. Others are specific to leaders requiring training in areas outside the typical educator.

Understanding Food Allergies – Administrator Edition

This course is designed for preschool administrators. It details strategies to help prevent and manage food allergies in the preschool environment.

Learning objectives for this course include:

  • Discuss who is impacted by food allergies
  • Identify the main food allergens causing reactions in the U.S. and where to find them
  • Identify food allergens in non-food items and discuss alternative solutions
  • Create a food safety plan to prevent food allergy reactions in preschool settings
  • Develop a response plan in the event of a food allergy reaction in preschool settings
  • Steps in the development of a Food Allergy Management Prevention Plan (FAMPP)
  • Understand the laws associated with allergies in schools

Clock hours: 2.0 clock hours Course Cost: $17 USD

Planning a Healthy School Menu on a Budget

This course is designed to help directors and personnel understand the components of and plan a healthy school menu for their students, keeping in mind common budget constraints.

Learning objectives for this course include:

  • Identify the foods needed daily by preschoolers each day for a healthy diet
  • Discuss CACFP guidelines, common struggles of implementation, and potential solutions.
  • Discuss common struggles of implementing a healthy meal plan in childcare centers
  • Identify possible solutions to these struggles

Clock hours: 1.5 clock hours Course Cost: $13 USD

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